Fanfiction: More Suprises

  • Chapter 1

    Warinings to come (for later chapters) : Anorexia , Bulimia, eating disorders, mild violence just fighting , punching, kicking, and beatings

    Anna's POV

    I am Annasophia Robb and I am Anorexic .........this might be a little confusing so let's go back to the beginning

    ( Four months Earlier)

    My name is Annasophia Robb I live in L.A. I oringally lived in Colorado but moved here for my acting career I am best friends with Cayden Boyd I was best friends with Josh Hutcherson but her\ moved away with his girlfriend Shannon Wada so we never talked again but besides that everything is going good now...

    " Anna dinner we have some speical guest coming tonight besides Cayden and his parents" I hear my mom tell me from downstairs

    I walk down the stairs and go to my mom

    "Okay who" I say wondering who is could be

    "YOu will see but Cayden and his parents are here so let's go say hi" she says walking to the front door

    " OKay" I say as I walk down the stairs case and by the front door then I see my best friend Cayden talking with his little brother outside while my mom is saying hi to his parents. You see my parents are divoced my dad left us when I was a baby ever since then it's been just my mom and me

    "Hey Cayden" I say smiling then he looks up from his baseball cards gives them to his brother and smiles and says hi back before walking into the house following his parents. so a half hour later we are at the table talking and laughing I am eating my usual: five carrot sticks and two crackers. You see I'm on a diet since my agent told me I should so I am then I hear the doorbell ring so I get up

    "I'll get it" I say to my mom while wlaking to the door

    "Hey is this the Robb residence_- wait Anna you're here I would've thought you wouldn't be home tonight when your mom invited me over" the stranger says he's my age a bit taller then me and some what familar but then I know who it is I can't beleive he's here

    "Josh" I say

    Then I look past him and I see her the person that took Josh away- his girlfriend Shannon- whoses standing behind him then notices me and says

    "HI Anna thanks for inviting us for dinner" she says smiling then walking in after Josh

    "Uh sure go ahead in that's fine" I say to noone since they went inside then follow them

    (a half hour later)

    "Anna I haven't seen you touch your food is something wrong? " says Josh sounding suprised

    "Oh Anna already ate eailer with me so she's not hungary" lies Cayden who then turns to me and says in my ear

    "Don't worry what he doesn't know won't hurt him"

    "Thanks!" I say smiling at him

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    Forever grateful,

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  • Hi Emma,

    very interesting first part, although there's not very much plot yet.
    Some constructive criticism: I'm missing a little detail around what happens, sort of atmosphere.

    I'm looking forward to see which part the eating disorders play and generally what happens next ^^