Fanfic:Way Back to Each Other's Hearts (JoshAna fanfic)

  • Chapter 1

    Disclaimer: I do not own Josh Hutcherson or Annasophia Robb

    Josh Hutcherson smiled to himself as he stepped out of the taxi in front of his house breathing in the warm LA air. He had been gone for two whole years to New Zealand to shoot a movie and now he was back…

    "Hey mom" He says stepping into his house hugging his mom

    "Hey honey how was filming" She says smiling at her son as they enter the kitchen

    "Good how is everyone doing where are they?"

    "Well your brother is at his friend's house Shannon is out shopping and Victoria is with Avan shooting Victorious" She says filling him in on what has happened with all his friends

    "What about Annasophia" Josh says mentioning his best friend

    "Um it would be best if you didn't hear it from me dear"

    "Why what's wrong"

    "I can't tell you son you have to go ask Anna's mom if you want to know"

    "Okay then" He says walking-running actually-to Anna's house and knocking on the door until finally he sees Anna's mom answer the door.

    "Hi Mrs. Robb"

    "Oh hello Josh" She says with no emotion

    "Where's Anna at"

    "She's not here"

    "Well where is she is she out shooting something or out with friend's"


    "Well where is she"

    "I guess I could tell you the address of the place but not why she is there" She says getting out a pen and piece of paper

    "Okay then… thanks I guess" As he takes a piece if paper with an address on it"

    "Goodbye now Josh" She says closing the door quickly

    "What but-" he then started walking back to his house looking at the piece of paper and is shocked at what it says : Los Angeles Mental Hospital

    (With AnnaSophia)

    Inside a dark cold room in a mental hospital sat Annasophia Robb. It was been a only two months since she had been sent here by her parents and she still wasn't getting any better she slightly jumped as she heard the door open up quietly

    "Hey I brought you back something from the café" Her boyfriend Alexander Ludwig says sitting down by her and putting a small white foam cup in front of her. It stayed untouched for a long time and he wasn't sure when or if she was going to touch it

    "Its diet" He whispers making her perk up and smile at him

    "Thank god these people have no diet pop or water here I'm glad someone understands my needs" She says taking the cup and having a sip. These were the types of lies people had to tell her for her to eat or drink anything let alone touch anything in this hospital. He just sat there watching her finish the small drink in her hands making sure she didn't get up to use the bathroom afterwards to purge. She was making progress small tiny bits but she was slowly getting better and that's all that's mattered to him right now.

    Outside she was all smiles but inside she knew the truth he was lying to her just like everyone else that wanted to make her stay a fat gross loser. Her dad stopping visiting a while ago and now only her mom Alex and her friends Lorraine and Bethany visited her to make sure she didn't get out of control again. She would soon get out of this place constantly stating that she didn't need help nor did she have a problem with food at all. It all started when Josh left her and he just left town never looking back to see how she feels about it so she let everyone else pick up the broken pieces of her life while she looked for a new way to make sure that no one would leave her because she was too fat like Josh did ever again.

    Then she gained control and it felt amazing suddenly she had a new boyfriend her parents weren't fighting that much and she had amazing friends but that wasn't enough. Every day of her life was a constant new day of being better being thinner and being pretty. No one ever liked the fat girls at school and making her locked up her to become fat would not do it just wouldn't. So she pretended and lied saying she ate every day when she was really purging and hiding the food for one reason only because one day of saying she was eating meant she was one day closer to leaving this dump…